Photo & film ... do we really need both?

I get asked this question a lot ... if budget allows then yes, I really think you should consider booking both photo & film.

Booking both can offer several significant advantages and benefits.

Here are some reasons why it's a good idea:

Capturing different perspectives

Photography and videography are two different art forms that complement each other amazingly. Photography freezes moments in time, allowing you to cherish still images and beautifully composed portraits. On the other hand, videography captures the entire ambiance, emotions, and movements, preserving the essence of the day in a dynamic way. Having both ensures you can relive your special day from multiple angles.


While photographs are wonderful for capturing the essence of the day, videos allow you to see and hear the moments as they happened. You can hear the vows, speeches, and laughter, allowing you to connect with the emotions of the day in a more profound way.


Wedding photography looks amazing displayed in a beautifully presented album to show your family for many many years to come. Images also look stunning when framed and displayed around your home and offer a daily reminder of your special day.

Wedding films offer a unique storytelling experience, typically with music and editing that can evoke powerful emotions. Watching your wedding film together can be a beautiful and sentimental way to re-live the day and share those memories with friends and family.


Both photography and videography excel at capturing candid moments, but they do so in different ways. Having both ensures that no candid moment goes unnoticed, as photographers and videographers can work together to capture different angles and reactions in different formats.


With both photography and videography, you can cover more aspects of your wedding day. While photos excel at capturing details, portraits, and group shots, videos can document the flow of events, the atmosphere, and the interactions between guests.


Having both photos and videos allows you to share highlights of your special day with ease.

You can share your photos online, print them for albums, get your favourites framed and even create thank you cards for your guests who bought your gifts. Your family will cherish these images for years. Video content can be shared so everyone can relive the day, however it can also be a beautiful experience to watch with those who couldn't make the day. Most videographers offer highlights, feature length films, ceremony in full and speeches in full.


When you hire a photo & film team who work really well together this can lead to them bouncing ideas around and working together to get that shot!

It can also make a smoother and more efficient coverage of your wedding day with some extra fun!


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it's essential to make the most of it. Booking both photography and videography ensures that you have a comprehensive record of your special day, leaving no room for regrets about missed moments.

combining both photo and film can provide a richer and more complete documentation of your wedding day. It allows you to cherish the emotions, details, and candid moments in a way that's truly timeless.


If you'd like some recommendations of videographers, please do get in touch and I'll be more than happy to send you links to people I've worked with in the past.